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Finney Revival

In the early 1800's the State of New York was ablaze with one of the greatest revival that ever took place American soil.


What were the villages and churches like before the revival?


What happened during the revival?


Whatever  happened to those churches after the revival?


Would you like to see what those places are like today, almost 200 years later?

Preparing for a great end-time harvest

I spent almost 25 years, on and off, studying about Charles Finney and his co-laborer, Daniel Nash. I was able to visit the places where they had been born and buried, and most of the significant places in between. In the process I learned about revivals and reforms, and the men God chose to use in this remarkable way.

Revival Resources

Study Courses Available

This study course includes what the Bible says about revival, with examples of how it came about. It contains keys to revival today. This study is available as a PDF that you can read on your laptop or tablet. It is available now, by clicking here.

Revival Books

Both the Finney and Nash books are being worked on at this time and are not available for sale. We hope to have them available this fall.

Finney Tour

Tours are on demand. Put together your  own group and let us know the dates you prefer. I am also planning a couple of fall tours of my own, which you could join if there is room. Contact me below for more details.

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About Penn

It has been almost twenty-five years since I first stepped out on a fine spring morning to retrace the footsteps of Charles Finney and Daniel Nash. As I did, I unwittingly began the adventure of a lifetime, as the Lord led me to learn more about the places where one of the greatest revivals in American history took place, allowing me to document and preserve what I found for future generations of revival lovers.

Click here to read more background to my work on the Finney - Nash revivals.

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Book A Tour Today​

You can pull together your own group or join one being assembled your own. Contact me for more information.


Books Available

Coming Soon...

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This book will soon be available, first as an eBook, then in print. It will contain over two-hundred pages of documentation of what happened in the churches before the Finney revival, what happened during, and what happened after. Self-guided maps with GPS directions will also be part of the book.

Coming Soon...

NASH COVER -1A -50.jpg

This book about Daniel Nash will soon be available, first as an eBook, then in print. It will contain about 100 pages of documentation about what Nash was, where he came from, how God used him, and what happened after he died. It will also contain photos that relate to his part of the story. There is no other book out there that contains the information I have found concerning Father Nash and his family.

Ask Questions Here

Thank you for writing. We will be in touch with you soon!

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Here is an excellent locally-made documentary about the spiritual history of Rochester, including a section on the Finney revival. A great presentation!

Coming Soon...

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It is my hope that this booklet will help to clear up some of the misconceptions concerning what real repentance is and what is not.  I believe this old fashioned word will become the word in the days ahead. I am expecting a revival where repentance will be granted to many, who otherwise keep on sinning, confessing, asking for forgiveness, regretting what they have done, but never changing. I believe this study will open your eyes to see just how incomplete our understanding of repentance is and what can be done about it.

Coming Soon...

Personal Revival - 7-50.jpg

 My goal in writing this book was to revive people’s desire for revival without resorting to hype or false hope. I want to inspire disciples to dare to expose their hearts to the Word of God once again, both by reading the Bible and by listening to what the Spirit is saying. When we do this we can experience personal revival. I believe this happens more often than we think, but we don’t always recognize it as such because we are too focused on corporate, regional, or national revival. As a result, we look right past the personal revivals that happen within us from day to day.

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