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Preparing for a great end-time harvest

Finney Revival

In the early 1800's the State of New York was ablaze with one of the greatest revival that ever took place American soil.


What were the villages and churches

like before the revival?


What happened during the revival?


Whatever  happened to those

churches after the revival?


Would you like to see what those

places are like today, almost 200

years later?


Full Finney Tour (2 days)

This is an overnight tour that can start from Penn Yan or Syracuse, NY.

May 20-21, 2024

June 25-26, 2024

Rochester Finney Tour (1 day)

This is something new and on demand. It can be done in a day. Message me if you are interested. 

I spent almost 25 years, on and off, studying about Charles Finney and his co-laborer, Daniel Nash. I was able to visit the places where they had been born and buried, and most of the significant places in between. In the process I learned about revivals and reforms, and the men God chose to use in this remarkable way.

Revival Resources

Study Courses Available

This study course includes a study about what the Bible says about revival, with examples of how it came about. It also contains photographs, drone shots, interviews, and parts of my research I was not able to put in the books. I think this will be the best value for your money.

Revival Books

Both Finding Finney and Finding Father Nash books are available in print or as eBooks. 

We have just made a new ebook available about Abel Clary, who worked with Finney in prayer during the first Rochester Revival.

Finney Tour

Tours are on demand. Put together your own group and let us know the dates you prefer. I am also planning a couple of fall tours of my own, which you could join if there is room. Contact me below for more details.

old letter

About Penn

It has been almost twenty-five years since I first stepped out on a fine spring morning to retrace the footsteps of Charles Finney and Daniel Nash. As I did, I unwittingly began the adventure of a lifetime, as the Lord led me to learn more about the places where one of the greatest revivals in American history took place, allowing me to document and preserve what I found for future generations of revival lovers.

Click here to read more background to my work on the Finney - Nash revivals.

To learn more about how our church has begun to relate to other churches that came out the Finney revival, click the Churches With History tab under the About tab.

Books Available
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