In the early 1800's the State of New York was ablaze with one of the greatest revival that ever took place American soil.


What were the villages and churches like before the revival?


What happened during the revival?


Whatever  happened to those churches after the revival?


Would you like to see what those places are like today, almost 200 years later?

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Study Courses Available

These study courses include background to each of the places where Finney had Revival in Upstate New York. The course includes photographs, videos, and other resource information for those who want to go deep. It will also include maps so you can do a self-guided tour.

Revival Books Available

Both the Finney and Nash books are being worked on at this time and are not available for sale. We hope to have them available this fall.

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Tours are on demand. Put together your  own group and let us know the dates you prefer. I am also planning a couple of fall tours of my own, which you could join if there is room. Contact me below for more details.