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This is a large eBook about Finney,  about 240 pages in length, with about 90 rare photographs. I collect books about the Finney revival and there is no other book out there like this one.


In the early 1800's, New York State was ablaze with one of the greatest revivals that ever took place on American soil, spearheaded by a young evangelist named Charles G. Finney.


I live right in the middle of “Finney Country”, within an hour of Rochester, New York, and pastored in the area where the revival first broke out. The first thirteen chapters of Finney’s memoir took place within an hour radius of my home. I often found myself traveling along the old Erie Canal route, through the towns and places where Finney preached and often wondered what happened to the people and places that Finney mentioned in his memoir.


As I set out to answer this questions, I unwittingly began the adventure of a lifetime, spending the next twenty-five years, on and off, finding Finney. I was able to document and preserve what I found for future generations of revival lovers.


This is a companion book to Finding Father Nash, about Daniel Nash, who had worked with Finney as a prayer partner. This book will give you a fresh look into his life and ministry, with the most information ever assembled about this man of God.


For anyone interested in taking a self-guided tour of the places that relate to Finney and Nash in this book, I have published another booklet with all the directions and GPS links available, so they can roam around northern and central New York. It is available as a download at our Finney and Nash website, at:

Finding Finney

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