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This ebook about Daniel Nash contains about 175 pages of documentation about who Nash was, where he came from, how God used him, and what happened after he died. It is illustrated with about 50 photographs. 


I had been invited to help plant a church in Lowville, New York, and found out that Daniel Nash had pastored there about 200 years earlier. It is also where he and some of his family members are buried. Since then I have found his farmhouse and the home where he died, along with all the places where he ministered during his life and ministry.


Interest in Nash has grown steadily over the past twenty-five years while doing this research. He has become a major hero for many in the current prayer movement. Anyone who has a serious interest in revival soon discovers Nash. Yet rarely have I found such interest in a person from church history about whom so little is known.

I have developed an extensive Finney and Nash website, which contains additional material and old photos, along with new ones taken at each location. There are also drone shots and interview clips. Subscribing to this website will give access to the GPS locations for everything I have found and any new material that may be discovered. The site is located at:


Finding Father Nash is a companion book to Finding Finney, which I wrote about Charles G. Finney. Finding Finneyintroduces readers to the places where revival took place so that they can see what the churches were like before and after the revival.

Finding Father Nash

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