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Repenting For How We Have Repented


Christians often confuse the issue of asking for forgiveness with repentance. The proof that we have not really repented lies in the fact that we continue to do what we have acknowledged as sin, creating in an endless cycle of confession and condemnation without ever changing.


I often hear Christians acknowledge wrongdoing, both to God and to others, but if repentance were a mile-long journey, acknowledgment would only be the first step; asking for forgiveness would be another step, but neither of these are all that is needed to further down the road of repentance that leads to freedom.


This booklet was written to help clear up some of the misconceptions concerning real repentance. My goal is to help equip those who work in ministry, who are trying to meet people’s deep spiritual needs, showing them the steps that are often required to move them in the right direction. Besides, if we are going to have authority to help others repent, we must be good repenters ourselves.


Road To Repentance

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