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Two Daniel Nash's

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Whenever I have tried to do genealogical research on Daniel Nash, two things happened; either people stated there is nothing known of his origins, making him more mythical than he was. Or they confused him with another Rev. Daniel Nash who was living and working in New York State during the same period. To complicate things even further, both men came from Massachusetts, both were married to women named Olive, and were both called “Father Nash” as a term of endearment, commonly given men when they entered their fifties.

Both were pastors, but one was an Episcopalian and the other was Presbyterian/Congregational.

Daniel Nash - Episcopal Priest

The most common portrait posted online is this Daniel Nash, dressed in Episcopalian garb. There is no known photo of the Daniel Nash who is related to the Finney story.

The Daniel Nash who was an Episcopalian pastor served primarily in Cooperstown, NY. His biographical details are the focus of this page and he is the one who tends to turn up most in genealogy searches. Very little has been published about the genealogy of the other Daniel Nash, but I have found it and will publish it in the book.

According the Wikipedia account of his life, this Daniel graduated from Yale University in Connecticut, became a teacher, and studied to be an Episcopal priest, to which he was ordained on October 11, 1801. He moved to New Lebanon, New York, during the 1790s. There, he taught school, became a lay leader in the church, and met his wife and missionary partner-to-be, Olive Lusk.

The Episcopalian Father Nash was born 28th May 1763, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and died on June 4, 1837.

Our Daniel Nash, the one who pertains to the Finney story, was born on November 27th, 1775, in Abington, Massachusetts and had married Olive Pool.


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