About the Author


While serving as a pastor in Lowville, New York back in the 1980's, I discovered that had been living within an hour’s radius of where some the greatest revivals ever held on American soil took place, under the ministry of Charles G. Finney. I wanted to find out what the towns, villages, and churches were like before the revival came, what they were like after it passed through. I also wanted locate as many of the buildings and landmarks as possible, for posterity.


Using Finney’s own memoirs, and some of the oldest maps available, as well as local history books, I set out to find the homes and churches mentioned in the story, searching old deeds and records to confirm their authenticity.  


Beginning in the summer of 1999, I spent about three years, off and on, studying about Finney and Nash and was able to locate most of the places that pertain to their lives and ministries between where they were born to where they were buried. In the process, I also got to know both men as much as possible, and came away with a better appreciation of what in involved with real revival. 


As people began to ask me to show them around the area, I began to put together tours for groups of students of church history, like myself, but my higher goal has always been to pull whatever I found together in such a way that people could explore these places on their own. 


It has been about twenty-years since I first stepped out to find Finney and Nash and it has been a wonderful adventure, filled with many moments of being led by the Lord, in order to preserve the memory of the righteous future generations.